Past Projects

Special 1000 Series

Custom cutout in wing walls to allow gated access to the catwalk grating platform. Also fitted with a penstock, hinged sloped grating, aluminium stop logs and safety handrail. Special Unit

Special 2000 Series

Custom slope on the wing walls to match the cranked grating to fit over the 1500mm Ø flap valve. Special Unit

Water dissipation panels

Precast concrete panels designed to protect the bank from erosion by dissipating and slowing water leaving the outfall. Pictured with a 1000 series headwall. Special Unit

Big L Culvert Endwall

Big "L" culvert retaining walls. The far structure is fitted with a penstock to suit the box culvert. Special Unit

600 series

600 Series headwall fitted with a custom designed sloping top-hinged grating with a smaller hinged lockable access door for flap valve maintenance. The flap valve is a ductile iron double hung model. The headwall is also fitted with galvanised slides to take stop logs. Special Unit

Raised seed bed

A raised seed bed made from two precast panels and two end sections, held together with steel bolts and fixings. This allows fast construction of a deep bed of high quality topsoil useful in poor soil areas. Raised seed bed