Two Piece Heavy Duty Silt Trap Inlets

Two Piece Heavy Duty Silt Trap Inlet

Maximum pipe openings: 1500mm

Sturdy reinforced concrete structures for use on larger diameter pipes and ideally suited for use in water courses with higher velocities of water flow. Heavy duty galvanized steel weed screen with a removable centre panel for access to the silt chamber is provided. Extension sections available to increase height of backwall. Delivered complete with grating, all necessary fixings and special lift points cast in.

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Max Pipe Openings for 2 Piece Heavy Duty Silt Traps (mm)
Width - A (mm)
Height - B (mm) 173082011301300


The Heavy Duty Silt Trap should be installed on a level base. If necessary bed on 100mm of dry mixed concrete. The units should be lifted into position separately. Ensure that the drain pipe is flush or slightly protruding through the backwall. Use the four bolts through the brackets at each side to keep the units together for backfilling, do not over-tighten. Make good around the pipe with cement mortar, and clean out loose material from the floor before fitting the grating and its retaining brackets. Carefully complete the backfilling, and consolidate to the original profile.

CE Mark
Two Piece Heavy Duty Silt Trap Inlet
C = 400mm