Octagonal Junction Box

Normally installed at all changes of direction in a main drain, essential for providing rodding points in a long run of drain. For the connection of lateral drains at various depths, and for use as tumbling bays where it is required to slow the drainage water down on steeply sloped sites. J.K.H. manufacture a range of pre-cast chambers that will cater for all pipe sizes up to 1400mm outside diameter.


For pipes up to 150mm
Approximate weight: 50kg.

Designed as a sub-surface chamber to have a minimum of 580mm of cover. Manufactured in G.R.C. with no pipe openings provided. Fitted with solid rebated lid. Ideal for connecting laterals to a main drain. Often used with ducting for underground cable installation etc.


Excavate a hole as close as possible to the outside dimensions of the Junction Box. Ensure a minimum of 560mm of cover to lid. Mark position of pipe entries (preferably no more than four) and then carefully knock through with hammer and punch or use a masonry disc cutter to open holes to required size. Enter pipes through openings and make good around them with cement mortar or mastic. Backfill the excavated soil carefully, making sure that voids under the pipes are consolidated before fitting the lid and completing the backfilling.

Octagonal Junction Box Octagonal Junction Box - Measurements