Kwik-Fit headwall

Kwik-Fit headwall - G.R.C.

Pipe sizes: Up to 150mm
Approximate weight: 18kg.
Developed for the 1½ to 1 batters of South Holland I.D.B. Suitable for any multiple outfall situation. A very strong moulded unit with curved rear wall for the pipe entry to be made, substantial anchorage lugs at each side and long flat splash plate to attenuate the flow.
Kwik Fit Headwall - Measurements


Easily fitted to new or existing systems. Dig out sufficient material to bring the unit flush with the batter. Keep the base as level as possible, mark position of outfall pipe on backwall. Using either a masonry disc cutter or a hammer and punch to carefully knock hole through and open to required diameter. Ensure the outfall pipe is at least 1.5m long impervious pipe and that a good leak proof connection is made to the drain. Thread the headwall over the outfall pipe so that it protrudes through about 50mm. Carefully backfill around the pipe with soil and compact to prevent leakage underneath. Continue backfilling to original profile, taking care to consolidate soil around the anchorage lugs.
Kwik Fit Headwall