Inspection Chamber - G.R.C.

Inspection Chamber - G.R.C.

For pipes up to 150mm
Approximate weight: 185kg.

Circular chamber moulded in one piece with reinforced concrete lid designed as a sub-surface chamber (minimum cover 560mm). No pipe openings provided, ideal for use with plastic drainage pipe. An optional lid frame can be provided with a 450mm x 600mm clear opening for use with standard manhole covers. Inspection Chamber GRC - Measurements

Inspection Chamber G.R.C. Extension

Approximate weight: 50kg./600mm

It is possible to fit extensions to the G.R.C. Inspection Chamber where access is required at ground level. They are available only in depths of 600mm and 300mm, it is recommended that they are backfilled around with concrete in situations where they are likely to encounter traffic. Inspection Chamber GRC Extension


Excavate hole as near as possible to outside diameter and to a depth of at least 1220mm. Mark positions of drains, preferably within the areas of indentation. Knock through with hammer and punch and open out the holes to required size. Install the chamber firmly and level. Allow the drain pipes to protrude into the chamber and make good around them with cement mortar or mastic. carefully backfill the soil and consolidate below the pipes before carefully fitting the lid and completing the backfilling.

Inspection Chamber GRC