Gratings and Vermin Gates

During periods of dry weather rodents and vermin are known to use open drains for refuge and nesting purposes with the consequence that a costly drainage installation could be disrupted. There is a particular Health and Safety aspect regarding larger diameter outfalls where children and vandals could gain access and these should always be protected by suitable stout gratings.


J.K.H. manufacture a range of gratings to cover all sizes of pipes, including to SFA Sewers For Adoption standard. Manufactured in mild steel, hot dip galvanized and provided with suitable brackets for mounting directly to the headwall structure. Special gratings made to customers specifications can be manufactured in mild steel or stainless steel on request.

Custom GratingCustom Gratings

600 Series Standard Grating
Standard Grating
300 Series Sloped Grating
Sloped Grating
600 Series Large Cranked Grating
Cranked Grating

Vermin Gates

For internal pipe sizes of: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm 225mm and 300mm.

Stainless steel hinged gratings for attaching directly to the pipe. So arranged to prevent entry of small animals but able to open outwards to prevent any blockage from debris coming down the pipe. Easily fitted with single stainless steel nut and bolt. Suitable for all types of pipe. Detailed instructions issued with each order.

Vermin Grates Vermin Grates