General Purpose Headwalls

General Purpose Headwall

Pipe opening: 90mm with knockout web giving 125 & 190mm dia. options. Approximate weight: 11.5kg. Manufactured in G.R.C. and provided with a unique anchorage system. A light weight recessed headwall suitable for most situations where batter angle is not less than 45 degrees. Generally supplied with a hole which can be opened out to a maximum of 190mm with the careful use of hammer and punch.

General Purpose Headwall
General Purpose Headwall

Large general purpose headwall G.R.C.

Pipe openings:200mm with knockout web giving 300 & 360mm dia. options. Approximate weight: 25kg.
A lightweight unit to fit 150mm & 300mm drainage pipes suitable for use in minor water courses with moderate flows

Large General Purpose Headwall

Hinged grating for G.R.C. headwalls

Hinged galvanized steel gratings to fit any of the G.R.C. headwalls are available. Please specify when ordering the headwalls To avoid having to drill the hinge points on site. Optional pipe mounted vermin gates are available.



Dig out sufficiently to allow the headwall flanges to finish flush with the batter. Take the outfall pipe (minimum length 1.5m of rigid impervious pipe) and slide it though the headwall so that it protrudes approximately 50mm. Make a good connection with the land drain and seal by returning approximately 150mm of soil into the trench and consolidating. Unravel the string and draw the anchor back along the trench as the rest of the backfilling is completed.