Water Supply Units

Meter Chamber

Internal dimensions: 610mm x 460mm
Height of sections available:150mm, 225mm and 300mm
Approximate weight complete with standard lid: 400kg.

Standard Chamber consists of:
1 No. 300mm deep section with knockouts.
3 No. 150mm deep plain extension sections.
1 No. choice of lid to suit.

Machine-made reinforced concrete sections to BS.5911 part 2, easily assembled to required depth. Bottom 300mm deep section provided with knock-out web to locate over service pipe. Base slab available if required. Choice of lids and frames to suit most conditions.

Hydrant Chamber

Internal dimensions: 300mm x 200mm
Height of sections available: 150mm
Approximate weight complete with lid: 145kg.
approximate weight complete with steel lid:130kg.

Reinforced concrete sections 50mm thick, easily assembled into a chamber to accommodate stop valves etc. Bottom 150mm section provided with knock-out webs to locate over service pipe. Concrete base slab provided. Choice of steel or concrete lids - please state which required.

Stop Cock Box Tops

Approximate weight: 16kg.

This Pre-cast concrete unit fits over the spigot end of a 150mm dia. stoneware pipe giving access to underground stop cocks. The generous size and sloped shape make it particularly suitable for use on field water supply systems where it resists accidental movement by the trampling of livestock. Supplied complete with hinged galvanized steel lid.

Meter Chamber Hydrant Chamber Stop Cock Top Box