Water Control Headwall

W.C. HEADWALL (Water Control Facility)

Approximate weight: 700kg. - 1400kg.
suitable for pipes up to 1400 o.d.

A pre-cast reinforced concrete unit available in three standard widths for assembling at the inlet of a piped culvert. It incorporates the facility to install removable wooden boards in steel slides for controlling the water levels in farm dykes. Additional slides may be provided at the sides of the unit to accommodate 75mm thick concrete wall panels (maximum size of panel 2250mm x 3000mm long). These are let into the banks at each side to give complete protection. All the units have special cast-in lift points. Provision is made for extension sections to be fitted where a higher structure is required.

Please note the wooden slip boards are not available from J.K.H.


Safety grating

There is an optional galvanized steel grating which can be bolted down onto the top of the headwall to prevent accidental entry into the area immediately in front of the pipe.


Designed to be incorporated in a culvert where the backfill material around the pipe forms an effective plug. To achieve a good cut-off it is recommended that the pipe opening should be at a height of at least 200mm so that the base of the unit is well grounded in the ditch bottom. The units should be bedded on 100mm of concrete extending at least 600mm in front for the full width of the ditch. The pipe should finish flush or protrude slightly from the wall, and the gap around sealed with cement mortar. Care should be taken to backfill and consolidate suitable soil behind the unit to achieve the best possible seal. Where side walling is to be used, keep the excavations into the batter as narrow as practicable. Be sure to provide support under the walls at each end with suitable padstone or 100mm of concrete. Seal the gaps between the walls and the sides with good quality mastic.

Width of Headwall (mm) AHeight option available (mm) B


CE Mark

Water Control Headwall with Single Slides
Water Control Headwall with Single Slides
Water Control Headwall with Double Slides
Water Control Headwall with Double Slides
Water Control Headwall - Measurements